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See if your sign is compatible with his!  :)


These two may start out like a house on fire, but it won't take long for the fire to burn out.  Aries's venturesome spirit and wandering eye enflame Cancer's Jealousy.  Too many temperamental problems here. 
Gemini's sparkle immediately intrigues Cancer, but Cancer won't find security with fickle, fly-by-night Gemini.  It's a short countdown to the finish. 
Cancer has to get used to Leo's extroverted exuberance.  Otherwise, generous, openhearted, strong Leo is just what insecure Cancer is looking for. 
Cancer's responses are emotive while Virgo's are analytical, but their personalities mesh so well that it doesn't seem to matter.  Good auguries. 

Both need security and a sense of permanence, and both are loving, affectionate, and passionate as well.  Steady-going Taurus is also good for Cancer's moodiness.  What each needs the other supplies.
This pair operates on entirely different levels:  Cancer wants love to be emotionally transcendant, Libra seeks perfect intellectual communion.  When Cancer turns critical, especially about Libra's extravagance, Libra starts looking elsewhere. 
Cancer's sensuality is ignited by Scorpio's dynamic passions, and because Cancer is loyal, Scorpio's jealousy isn't provoked.  Things just get better all the time. 
Outgoing Sagittarius can open intellectual vistas for imaginative Cancer, but unfortunately Sagittarius won't give Cancer the security in love that it always needs.  Better friends than lovers. 

They have a lot in common, and that's the trouble.  Each needs an enourmous amount of attention, coddling, and reassurance, and resents the other for not giving enough.  This treadmill goes nowhere. 
There's an initial sexual attraction because they are a polarity in the zodiac.  But career oriented Capricorn has too many other interests to give Cancer all the attention it needs.  The differences may prove too great for long-term happiness. 
Cancer's warm responsive nature is chilled by Aquarius's cool self possesion.  Sex may be all right, but there's little else going for them. 
This is an affectionate sensitive couple who will bolster each other's ego.  A harmonious match. 

Excerpted from The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk.  :)