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Vin on the cover of a Scholastic Book!!  Visit your local book fair. 
"Spies in Action"
It's a pic of him jumping off the Corvette when it's ready to go off the bridge. Pierce Brosnan is also on the cover.
vin is in the Big Screen Spies section, where it tells about xXx. The other pic is him grinding the silver tray down the railing after the restaurant scene.

Vin Diesels leather skirt ignites pitched battle for soul of the kilt


Celebrity Vegas Romp
November 18, 2003 04:33 AM EST

SIN City was celeb central last weekend. Leo DiCaprio threw himself a birthday bash and flew in his posse on a Gulfstream jet, joining Vin Diesel - who made time with former flame Caprice Bourret - Larenz Tate, Jermaine Dupri, Chris Kattan, Claire Forlani, Tara Reid, Meki Pfifer, Scott Caan and Jenny McCarthy at the Palm Hotel and Casino.

from the Daily Star's Dominic Diamond column:-

"Else where Vin Diesel wore a kilt.
Well he didn't. He wore a leather kilt-shaped thing without a sporran. We call that a "big poofy skirt" where we come from.
But fair play to him for starting off Flower of Scotland with the crowd. And getting it more than 50% right."
the Daily Star:-

"There always has to be some star who hogs the limelight at a showbiz bash.... and this time it was Vin Diesel.
The action hero donned his kilt and swaggered around the MTV awards with a following of lusty ladies not far behind.
The actor had the outfit specially made for the event because he wanted to embrace Scottish culture.
We reckon he gave David Beckham a run for his money in the skirt department.
the Saturday Daily Mirror 3AM column:-

"Vin Diesel sitting in the VIP Area of the City Club looking unimpressed as strings of women were brought over to meet him."

Finally in the Sunday Mirror's 3AM column:-

"No wonder Hollywood action hero man Vin Diesel's romances with the opposite sex never last too long.
When he pitched up to MTV presenter Trevor Nelson's party, he told his PA: "Pick out the 10 most beautiful women here and bring them to me."


It's smoke free Diesel

Joe Skirt

Big and buff Vin Diesel needs his mama