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Andrea's boyfriend, Roger!!  :)  #2


Melanie's brother, Shawn, and his baby.  This one blows me away.  Lucky girl to have a brother who looks like Vin.  :)Tied for #2


This is Lori's Ultra Creative Lookalike.  Below is her explanation.  :)  Love it!! #3

That poster I used was a composite picture of myself (on the right of course -- grin) and of Vin (interview by a radio station with Vin at a hotel... he's originally wearing a Hilfiger tank top I think, but I painted over it to make it look more Riddick) then I overlayed both cutouts onto that gorgeous shot of the planet in Pitch Black.  I LOVE what you can do with computers.

I'm a bodybuilder and a runner and Vin has always been a bit of inspiration in that dept. for some time now so I'd always wanted to do a Riddick pose for fun.  Granted the short blonde hair isn't very Riddick, since he's bald, but I don't want to go THAT far!  LOL  I already get teased sometimes about the haircut... my response is that when you're running a lot and in the military... it's easier to care for... the military BDU hat is unforgiving to hairstyles we ladies tend to wear.  


My husband, Bill, who will kill me if he sees his pic on this.  LOL!!  But I had to add him.  #4