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Here's the scoop...
All underlined items are links to stories, sites.  :)

The Spy who loved Vin Diesel...and Roger Moore 6/28

Now that's what I call a trailer 6/28

XXX marks the spot 6/28

A Look at XXX and some great pics 6/28

See new XXX trailer at 6/28

XXX on DVD Dec 26th 6/28

XXX trailer sighting 6/27

'XXX' escapes dot-com crash 6/27

Eve in XXX blurb 6/27

Asia Argento blurb 6/27

Vin gets an A in EW's Best and Worst Fashions of Summer Movies. 6/27

What CHUD has to say about the XXX trailer. :( 6/23

David Twohy talks about the upcoming Pitch Black/Riddick Trilogy. 6/19

Gavin Rossdale records song for XXX soundtrack. 6/19

Asia Argento talks XXX. 6/17

XXX given a PG 13 rating 6/15

Extreme Sports and XXX 6/15

PB2 Release Date Delayed. :( 6/15

King Conan: Crown of Iron Script Review 6/14

TFATF comes to PS2 6/14

Blurb on XXX sequel 6/14

Music an 'XXX' factor in approach to film! 6/14

E! Online Poll. Vin 2nd to Tobey Maguire for summer's biggest action hero. No offense, Tobey, but Vin doesn't need a suit to be a hero. LOL!!

Vin possibly being considered for King Conan: Crown of Iron playing Kon, Conan's son.

Twohy to helm Riddick!! Click to read!

XXX is one of E! Online's top 12 summer movies. Read it here.

Who is Hollywood's Next Harrison Ford? Features Vin! Click Here to read. 5/31

Vin To the Rescue! Read it here. 5/30

As reported in the Vancouver Sun:  The Chronicles of Riddick:  Pitch Black 2 is now set for an October filming start.  :(  More delays!!  :(

Click here to read a new TFATF2 article mentioning Vin and very depressing. :( 5/30

Tiny clip of Strays on the Susan Lanza site! You have to watch it for awhile to get to that part so be patient. :)

Great article featuring Vin about the Changing Action Hero!!

UOVDFC is reporting the following: 
Vin Diesel - XXX
At Toy Fair, NECA revealed that they have the master toy license for the upcoming Vin Diesel action flick, XXX. Look for the heartthrob to be made as 7-inch and 12-inch action figures.

I can find no mention of it at the toy fair site so I am not really sure about it's validity.  But, you never know.  :)

XXX Games

Foot Action Promoting Movies!! Knockaround Guys

XXX2 already in the works!!

Stuntman dies on the set of XXX

Ja Rule discusses leaving Music to persue acting full time and how he feels about doing TF&F2 without Vin. ;(