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Vin Diesel Ain't Goin' Nowhere: 'Pitch Black,' 'XXX' Sequels In Works 7/31

Hear Samuel L. Jackson talk xXx. 7/31

GM's GTO to Co-Star in xXx 2 7/31

X-perience the X-treme world of "xXx"! 7/31

Vin Spotted with Nicole Kidman 7/31


E! News Live Clip: Vin Diesel talks with Greg Agnew about going to extremes 7/31

Vin Diesel's Furious Rise! 7/31

"xXx" - A Review by 'Paul Fischer' 7/30

XXX-rated Interview with Vin Diesel 7/30

Best news ever!! Live Webcast of the xXx Premiere!! Woohoo! 7/30

The countdown is officially on. In just 12 days, Vin Diesel will explode on screen in "XXX," playing a tough-talking secret agent. Hes a sort of James Bond for the millennium. 7/30

Vin Diesel: From Bare Bones to Rock Solid Success 7/30

Diablo (The Untitled Vin Diesel Project) Moved back to March 8, 2003 from January 10, 2003.  :( 

Untitled Vin Diesel Update!! Something to think about! 7/30

Diesel Teases Riddick Trilogy 7/30

Talking about Joe Roth's Revolution Nervous backers of his studio are hoping its next movie, XXX, will give it some long-awaited blockbuster credibility 7/30

All Sorts Of xXx Reviews Racing In!! 7/30

Diesel Gets XXX-Treme!7/29

In Today's Spy Games, Worldliness Is Not Enough 7/29

Some new xXx pics 7/29

The xXx CG Stunt 7/29

Another 'xXx' Rave comes in!!! Could it be? 7/29

xXx stuff in the August 5th issue of Newsweek on sale July 29th. Read the article of some of it here. 7/28

Dr Strangelove raves about Vin Diesel and 'xXx'!!! I just love him!! :) 7/27

When Gladiator met Hannibal 7/26

Vin at all Costs 7/26

Franzoni Adapting Revolution's Hannibal 7/26

Diesel's 'XXX' Rating 7/25

xXx Soundtrack site opens... 7/25

New, Extended Knockaround Guys trailer!! :) 7/24

Seth Green on Knockaround Guys. 7/24

Get a sneak peek at the xXx soundtrack 7/20

The xXx Movie Buzz 7/23

Denzel and Diesel clash in battle of the Hannibals 7/23

Marton Csokas: The evil anarchist in xXx 7/19

Hold the phone... It's Asia Argento 7/19

AICN reviews Knockaround Guys. It has spoilers and is very negative so beware. 7/18

Vin Diesel stakes his claim as the action hero of the new generation. 7/17

Revolution Studios Gives xXx Preview 7/16

Inside Move: Hannibal pic stirs rival Alp hunters Gentlemen, start your elephants! 7/14

In a time of instant gratification, one trailer reveals all: The plot used to be a secret before the film opened. 7/15

xXx Cd Lineup 7/13

Nelly, Moby, Pastor Troy, Gavin Rossdale, Hatebreed & More Featured On Two CD Set, Out August 6 7/12

Vin #2 on EW's Summer's Hottest Hunks List 7/13

Vin Diesel in xXx: The next big action hero. Get used to it. From Premiere Magazine this month 7/13

Vin Diesel is Hannibal 7/13

xXx is the Sign of the Times for Planes flying into Los Angeles. 7/12

Vin Diesel takes on Hannibal 7/12

Hollywood buys Scot's Hannibal epic 7/12

xXx and Blue Crush Review from Harry at AICN 7/12

Several Viewer reviews of XXX from The Ratings Board at 7/11

Bobo the Hog saw Vin Diesel's xXx 7/11

Yet another small Hannibal article 7/10

Another Hannibal article 7/10

Commentary on the Hannibal role from CHUD 7/10

Revolution Studios has set Vin Diesel to star as Hannibal, the third century B.C. Carthaginian general who rode an elephant across the Alps to attack Rome. 7/9

Vote XXX for your favorite summer Trailer 7/8

This summer slick new super spy Xander Cage is looking to give James Bond a run for his money. When the dust clears, who's going to be on top? 7/4

The upcoming Vin Diesel starrer, Sony's "XXX," which opens in early August, had its trailer running along with "MiB II" during the weekend. Sony has high hopes for "XXX" and the film has garnered wide exposure in theaters as the trailer also ran with "Spider-Man." Read the rest here. 7/8

XXX Premiere Date and Location 7/7

Premiere magazine's XXX review 7/4

Untitled Vin Diesel Project Given Release Date 7/4

Spiderman 2 vs. XXX2 7/4

Knockaround Guys gets a new release date: Oct 11th 7/2

Vin's Ex on Howard Stern Rated R 7/2 Click on Tuesday July 2nd.

HYPE: Asia Argento 7/1