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Vin Diesel and Victoria Gotti hit it off at Wednesday's premiere of his movie "Knockaround Guys." After talking for almost an hour, Diesel asked for Gotti's number, says a spy.
Good thing for Vin her late father, John, isn't around. The Gambino don may have had some concerns about the "XXX" star's past.
We hear that before he was linked with Czech model Pavla Hrbkova, Diesel dated - if that's the right word - Madelyn Knight, a porn star whose credits include "Interview With a Milkman" and "Nasty Girls 9." Diesel's spokeswoman had no comment.
New York Daily News

K...hubby just got his Playboy mag today and he was looking at it while he was sitting at the table eating his lunch (LOL) and he said "Your boy made Sex Stars 2002"  Of course,  I demanded he bring it right over so I could see.  There's a bunch listed   and he was one of them...there's a little's the same one from Rolling Stone. ::::slurp::::    Anyways, just thought I'd share that with ya.   :0)


This Man's Dominion

'XXX' seizes first place in 44 territories

Diesel Wants Anna Nicole

'XXX' Drives on Overseas as 'Dragon' Slays

Deja View


Sky News gossip guru Neil Sean brings us the latest showbiz news.

Included in this week's installment are xXx star Vin Diesel, Anna Nicole Smith, England goalkeeper David Seaman and former New Kid Donnie Wahlberg.

He's starring in the biggest box office hit of the year - xXx - but Vin Diesel is planning a move away from action hero leads.

Wild One

On a promotional visit to London the tough guy revealed to me that he's planning to remake the Marlon Brando cult classic The Wild One.

"This time though, I'll bring another depth to the character," he told me.

Yeah right! But Vin also went on to reveal that Marlon was his reason for being in the movies.

Diesel said he always knew he would be a movie star, and who am I to argue? Vin plans to start production on his version early next year.

VIN DIESEL is taking up a tougher challenge for his latest movie - this time mentally.

Normally at home with physical roles, the muscular star is attempting to learn several ancient languages for his up-and-coming film as ancient warrior HANNIBAL.

The XXX hunk says, "He was a great general who was multi-lingual and had a multi-cultural army. He had Celts, Nubians and Greeks all fighting alongside each other and his father taught him to learn all these languages.

"I have to come up with some kind of process to become the character and I'm now learning all these languages


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According to Greg's Previews the movie formerly titled El Diablo, formerly titled This Man's Dominion is now titled A Man Apart and will be released April 4th.

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Dark Horizons is reporting that The Chronicles of Riddick will begin filming in British Columbia during the summer of 2003.

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Inspiration for this years Ode to Autumn comes from Vin Diesel


It is now officially fall. A co-worker kids me around this time of year about always writing what she calls my "Ode to Autumn."

The ode generally includes comments on the clear blue of the sky, the coolness in the air, the gentle breezes and the impending blaze of fall foliage. Too, it has often included allusions to falling in love. For me, fall means love is in the air.

So why am I thinking about Vin Diesel?

Perhaps it's because fall is a time I find myself in a pensive, reflective mood. When I recently saw Diesel on a late night talk show, his comments fueled that mood. As I was lying on the sofa watching him, I was in need of fuel for fall.

For those of you unfamiliar with Vin Diesel, which wouldn't include many young people, he is something of a self-proclaimed Hollywood superstar. He has had a few bit parts, a supporting role in "Saving Private Ryan," second lead in the "Fast and The Furious," and he starred in this summer's action hit "XXX."

My impression of him before I saw the late-night interview was that he was an ego-loaded, Gen-X, extreme action version of Arnold Schwarzenegger and able to articulate himself about as well as the Dell computer dude.

Watching Diesel that evening, I discovered my preconceived notion was completely wide of the mark. He was very articulate, very polite and able to make complete, intelligent sentences with little effort.

He began by talking about neighborhoods. He grew up in New York City, west Manhattan, where he admits you don't think there are neighborhoods, but he says at one time there were. There aren't now. Condos etc. are taking over. He laments this. Many feel the same about their old home place.

Growing up, Diesel always had a dream. Born Mark Vincent, he changed his name when he was a teen because he thought Vin Diesel had more of an action figure ring to it. Yes, even then, he says, he knew he was going to be a star. It was his dream.

It didn't happen overnight. He did odd jobs, worked as a nightclub bouncer and did telemarketing. Too, his first shot at Hollywood was a bust.

It was then he took matters into his own hands. He saved his money, bought a $3,000 camera and made a 20-minute, 16-millimeter film entitled "Multi-Facial." He blew his life savings. The film was shown at the Cannes Film Festival and got noticed. After over a decade of struggle Diesel was on his way.

That, however, is all bio-material, hardly enough to inspire my autumn ode.

What did was when he said he spent all he had on that camera because of his dream. He was strapped for cash like many starving artists, and he remarked that the worst thing that can happen to the dreams of an artist is to start making over $30,000 a year. It's at that point you have something to lose and begin questioning the dream.

Diesel chased his, and his advice to other dreamers was, "Go for the dream."

In my opinion, that's true inspiration for any Ode to Autumn.

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DVD release of xXx in dual widescreen and full frame special edition versions on December 31st 10/1

xXx generation

CKM Magazine
2002/Oct issue
by Gergely Buglya

A member of the new generation of Hollywood actors aspires "fast&furious" to be a star. The extreme sportsman-to-be-a-secret agent, Xander "XXX" Cage surfs on the waiter's tray, snowboards before an avalanche and jumps over helicopters with his bike. With the help of Vin Diesel the dream factory dresses/put the spy myth to a robe/gown for the X-generation.

With the extra amount of pyrotechnics and the music of Rammstein, Rob Cohen's action movie will be loudest movie this autumn, especially the 44,5 million dollar opening in the USA, that was the 4th best opening in August ever. Hollywood is in short supply of action heroes. Schwarzi, Stallone and Willis are almost coming with crutches to the shootings, and the studios are vainly looking for the new, fresh faces. The vacuum has finally sniffed up an everyday man, who can be a favorite in all the 5 continents. You can be Italian American, have a colored skin or an European you can easily identify with Vin Diesel, the actor, who as a young actor was sent away from Italian role castings, "to be too dark" and wasn't given any afro-American roles, because he was "too light". His first 20-minutes short movie "Multi-Facial" is also about the future-Vin, the actor trying to find his identity. In 1994 he spent 3000$ for this 16 mm production, with returning the computer, he wrote on to the shop before the money-return guarantee ended. That time this amount of money exceeded his bouncer's salary, but it was worth,when his film had caught Spielberg's interest in Cannes. (K's note: 3 years after Cannes.) The master had also invited Vin to participate in "Saving Private Ryan". Diesel immediately moved Hollywood and made a list with all the actors around his age, and ranked them with his friend to see how many of his colleagues had a more successful career. He did it a broke down apartment, a few corners away from the Beverly Hills hotel, we are talking now.

CKM: Yesterday, when I landed on the Los Angeles Airport, I immediately saw you on the cover of two magazines. You are even on the bottle of water on the desk. This is your future in Hollywood?
Vin Diesel: Only according to the studio. In America they want to promote the movie only with my face, but in Europe, Asia, my movie partner, is also on the posters, because there people have no idea who Vin Diesel is. And also I got those magazines, you mentioned. I scanned through them, said thanks to my PR director and tucked them into my back pocket. Its not important to say: "Look, mom, I am in the TV, or on the matchbox. I rather concentrate to my work, and my brain works on my next movie.

CKM: And what's going to be that, because I heard that you are going to have your first twenty million paycheck?
V.D.: I am going to get that sum of money for the second part of "XXX", but at first I play Riddick in the sequel of Pitch Black". And for that -if you are interested in- I am going to get 11 million dollars, one million more than for "XXX". Ridley Scott, the director of "Gladiator" gave me my dream role, so next year I am going to be Hannibal the conqueror carthagian, not the cannibal.

CKM: And if these shootings are over, you are only going sign for projects with are worth at least twenty million dollars?
V.D.: No way! My aim is to remain an actor, and gratify my dreams within this job. For ex I am planning the full length version of "Multi-Facial". I will be happy to get money just to cover the production costs, and not dreaming about a salary. The point is to play in such productions, that are entertaining and pull out people for two hours from the reality.

CKM: Your latest movie fits into this conception. As "The Fast and The Furious" , "XXX" is also a perfect popcorn-flick, but your own directions or "Knockaround Guys" with John Malkovich and Dennis Hopper are totally different productions. How do you choose a role?
V.D.: One thing is sure, its easier than before XXX. On the screenings of "The Fast and The Furious" the reactions of the audience made me feel very happy, but I felt that it presented a such a secret world, that is not worth to visit agant, is not secret anymore. Besides it would be the third sequel among my first ten movies, and I did not want that. That's why I signed for Ridley Scott, plus also, because I am a big fan of comic books, mythology, fantasy, and this period piece, this historical movie is a mix of all of them. Trust me, not the millions decide.

CKM: If I think to Russell Crowe and the "Gladiator", then "Hannibal, the conqueror" will mean the end of your private life. But what's the situation now, when "XXX" is the most anticipated movie here, in the United States?
V.D.: Fortunately I have yet no problems with it. As you can see, there are no bodyguards around me, my car is driven by my childhood friend and there are no paparazzo at my house.

CKM: Just tell me, where you live and I fix it!
V.D.: You are uncovered. Now I won't invite you to my party tonight. Just joking, I have no party, because we will fly to Florida tomorrow to continue promoting the movie. But I travel a lot anyway, so paparazzi can grow a beard at my fence. We shot "XXX" in Bora Bora, Austria and we spent months in Prague. And soon starts the shooting of the "Pitch Black" sequel in London (K'S note: production is scheduled to start this December in Vancouver, Canada), then in spring because of Hannibal, I will move to Africa So if I would name Los Angeles my home, I spend the least time at home.

CKM: When you are moving to a new world, you try to settle in?
V.D.: I try. Its true, that I did not visit the clubs in Prague - I don't drink any alcohol for three years- but I walked a lot in the parks, because I had my dog with me.

And this is something -I think- from a man, who does not like to talk about himself and his private life. He clean-shaves his head every morning, not to let us see how much hair he has. He said a few times, that he only smokes occasionally (K's note: not true, he admits that he is a chain smoker) - but he was smoking one cigarette after each other at last night's cocktail party. He does not like to be asked about his real name and the name change, about his ethnicity (half afro-American, half Italian American), about his familiar background (he has no connection at all with his real father), or when he is asked about his age (35), or about his relationships (he was linked to Michelle Rodriguez, co-star of TFATF and Pavla Hrbková, Czech model and guys, even). But he does not keep in secret, that he dreamed to be a star when he was a kid.

CKM: Is that true, that you felt, even when you were young that you were going to be a star, or is it just a some king of legend?
V.D.: I also read the biographies of actors, and I know, that most of them says, that he knew at that age. But I really drove everyone crazy saying that I was going to be a movie star. They thought that I was a fool, but I had enough self-confidence. Maybe that's why I didn't change when the success came, because I always knew, it was going to happen.

CKM: Your mother, who is an astrologist, what did she say?
V.D.: She had me on, she said that she was too close to me to forecast my future.

CKM: When did the point came in your life, when you dared to confess to yourself that your dream made come true?
V.D.: When my first film, the 16 mm "Multi-Facial" was screened in Manhattan, where 200 people were crowded in small room. That's where I felt that I have started my way.

CKM: And now that you made a long distance on that road, what do you think about the section in front of? What are you going to be, the new stereotype of the action heroes, sex symbol or a cult idol?
V.D.: I haven't thought about that yet, but the sex symbol is very far away from me. I'm a simple guy, who is hungry to make movies and is happy to be in his own skin. And from the action heroes, Mel Gibson is closest to me.

CKM: As a future superstar, do you get advices from the present hot shots?
V.D.: Sylvester Stallone gives generously tips. In a good sense, of course. They are mostly related to the business, but he is the one, who tries to save me from the B-movies.

CKM: How will be the "Hannibal, the Conqueror" from the other production made in Hollywood?
V.D.: It will be educative on its own way, because it represents that age and it will be faithful to the knowledge, we have from that period of history.

Nearby a door opens creakingly. Vin gets scared to death, looks around and continues on his growling voice, that always sounds like, he has just waken up.

V.D.: Suddenly in believed that we were in "The Others".

CKM: I see, you are watching other movies as well. What do you think about James Bond? Will he survive Xander Cage?
V.D.: I don't think that my character in "XXX" would be an anti-Bond, if not in the sense that he is far away from the retiring age. We had an other approach for the spy movies. Xander Cage is a different kind, hard to handle anti-hero, who does not come from the prestigious social class. He is not that kind of agent, who has certificates of merits and medals at home. He is not Austin Powers, but he is not Bond either. He is urban, multi-cultural, with tattoos and piercing, just as today's young people. Who from us wears bow tie and tuxedo anymore?

CKM: What interests Xander Cage?
V.D.: Nothing, but the adventures. He is the type who went to skateboard and neglected the homework.

CKM: How much of his stunts did you by yourself?
V.D.: The diplomatic answer would be, that more than the director allowed, but less, than I wanted. But I don't have a word. There was a little bit of motorcycling, parachuting, and snowboarding. But of course, I only could do that in secret, because those producers, who paid my insurance, would get a heard attack.

CKM: You are in a pretty good shape now and was under the shooting, You can probably thank that to your bouncer past, but are you still working out?
V.D.: At the age of fifteen, when I started to work out, in was a form of self-realization. And my figure was good for Xander Cage, but I only use the weights to keep my shape. I also run with my dog every day and box with a coach. I can't work out more, because what would happen if one day I were asked to play a guy suffering from anorexia?

CKM: If not weight lighting, what do you do in your spare time?
V.D.: I live as everyone else, but its getting harder. If you are famous, everything you do, is suspicious. If you buy a bottle of water, the people wants to know, why. But I like to play basketball, chess and dream about the movie projects I have in my head.

The door opens again, and someone else adds: "Everything this guy said, is true.". In the man with a beard I recognize Rob Cohen, a friend of Vin, the director of "XXX" my next interviewee. But its an other story. Vin must go to an other room - he is very popular among the journalists now. And I can give a sigh on relief, what a luck that the alarms in cars parking outside the hotel did not start to Vin's voice.
From VinXperience