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xXx - 6.7

Good xXx DVD Review

Diesel feels a bit fuelish

POOR Vin Diesel. The musclebound actor is still struggling to make his mark in Britain.

The XXX star recently went to see Breath Of Life, the play starring Dame Judi Dench and Dame Maggie Smith at London's Haymarket Theatre

Sadly, as Vin, 35, and his bodyguard sauntered up to the stage door attempting a VIP entrance, humiliation struck. The doorman told him: "Sorry, mate. Not even the Queen of England is allowed through here if she's not in the cast."

After Vin finally shuffled to his seat, it was Dame Judi who caught his eye. Diesel was so taken by the legendary actress - she was 68 on Monday - he sent her a bouquet the next day. Lucky dame.

this story was in the Mirror 3am gossip column
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World Premiere of 'NARC'

From Premiere Magazine:

Diesel's Unfinished Business

Why is New Line sitting on his two-year-old film, A Man Apart?

Vin Diesel has proven his action hero mettle, so why is New Line sitting on its two-year-old Diesel starrer, A Man Apart? The action flick, about a drug lord named Diablo (Timothy Olyphant) and the DEA agent (Diesel) sent to take him down, was conceived as a franchise, but the studio has bumped the film's release date four times and discarded two titles. (The original title, Diablo, inspired a lawsuit from the maker of a identically named video game.)

The main reason for the delay is that, some 18 months after the picture wrapped principal photography, New Line is still wondering if the $31 million film would benefit from a different ending. But with director F. Gary Gray currently shooting The Italian Job, that would mean hiring another helmer (possibly 15 Minutes's John Herzfeld) and scheduling a star who's even busier than he was two years ago. Then there's the money: a reshoot would cost the studio an extra $3.5 to $5 million. Regardless of what New Line decides to do--tinker or take its chances with what's already in the can--A Man Apart is scheduled to hit theaters this April.

Vin Picks up "You Can't Spell Bald Without Bad." award from VH1 Big in 2002 awards.

Hooked on Classics

Vin at the Premiere of Empire

Also over the weekend, I had reported that Vin Diesel and The Rock were in some sort of a bidding war as to who would play the character Venom in the next Spiderman movie. The word I am getting now is that WWE and The Rocks price was to high and that he was pretty much out of the running.

From Corona's Coming Attractions:

An anonymous insider we know well tells us that the ink is dry on the shooting dates for The Chronicles of Riddick. The movie begins its first day of principal photography on April 21, 2003 and is scheduled to wrap filming on August 31, 2003. Filming is still scheduled to take place in Vancouver, Canada.

A New Ending for Diesel's A Man Apart?

Riddick vs Darth Maul?

Vin being considered with The Rock for the part of Eddie Brock in Spiderman 3.

Will Vin Diesel take on Spider-Man?

Vote for Vin as one of the top 25 Entertainers of the year and then don't forget to watch E!'s Rank: The 25 Top Entertainers of 2002, premiering Mon., Dec. 16, at 10 p.m.!

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