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Be sure and visit Buddy's new website,, Thanks to Robert over at 

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  • Rob Cohen's XXX2, which is in preproduction. "It's happening," he says. "I'm gonna start shooting it in the summer of '04, and it will be out for the summer of '05." At the junket for A Man Apart, XXX superstar Vin Diesel told us he's looking at two scripts.

    "Vin doesn't have two scripts--Vin hasn't seen anything yet. I'm developing two scripts," Cohen says. "One follows the template of the first one, which takes place with the Maraca Strait pirates in Southeast Asia, and the other takes place in D.C. I think both will get made." Think XXX3. Cohen says he'll decide which goes first based on the mood on the country. In other words, should we take out the Capitol Dome in Simon Kimber's draft or go after pirates in Rich Wilkes' script? (I expect pirates to be big after Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.) (Thanks to E!Online and Megan)

  • 3/19/03 Entertainment Tonight. ET is doing family greetings to the troops in Iraq and one wife sent a greeting to her husband who is HUGE Vin Diesel fan. At the end of her message Vin, who had just had a tooth pulled, puffy cheek and all, called the soldier by name, told him he was the best, thanked him for his service to America and told him to come home safe and soon. I got teary eyed cause you could tell he was still in a lot of discomfort from his tooth, but it was that important to him to send an encouraging message to military fan serving his country. (Sherri)
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